Music on the Trail
Residencies Designed to Capture Attention, Ignite Enthusiasm and Inspire Creativity
Experience residencies custom designed to enhance your music and school curriculum with an interdisciplinary perspective. Public school educator Donna Gunn brings her talent, teaching skill and vibrant personality to grades K-12 as well as adults in your community.
Each residency interconnects music, multi-media, and experiential activities, which provides a unified focus and holistic understanding of music and its place in the world. Students participate in a variety of activities such as singing, hands-on creating, composing, dancing, performing, and active listening. All residencies implement integrated curriculum from complementary disciplines to meet national standards.
Donna's residencies are designed to be long-term, lasting learning experiences. Resources provided for each residency include comprehensive hands-on guides, discography, bibliography, web links, educational vocabulary lists, learning activities and assessments.
Choose from the residencies below or contact Donna to create the tailor-made program to meet the distinctive needs of your community.
Music on the Trail
Students join emigrants as they traverse the Oregon Trail using primary-source journal entries and personal photos from Donna’s research. After learning American folk songs, Classical music inspired by the folk songs is interwoven into the canvas of the covered wagon way of life. This residency was an official Sesquicentennial event. (Target audience: K-12)
Halloween Music Meets the Masters
Enter the “dark side” of classical genre masterworks! Integrated curriculum provides a global cultural and historical perspective as information surrounding each composer and his home country is introduced. (Target audience: Grades 3-5)
Experience a Revolution!
Students travel back to the Enlightenment to see how musicians and their instruments contribute to cultural change. Hear the revolutionary developments in the piano and feel the shift in eighteenth-century thought as greats such as Beethoven, Haydn, and Mozart are explored. References to her book, Discoveries from the Fortepiano (Oxford University Press, 2015), provide a deep and rich learning experience. (Target audience: High School)
Funding is available through the Mid-America Arts Alliance and the Nebraska Arts Council, as Donna is an invited educating artist on both registries.


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