Capture Attention, Ignite Enthusiasm,
and Inspire Creativity with
Music On the Trail!

Experience a custom-designed interdisciplinary residency to enhance your curriculum. As a nationally certified teacher of music with 30+ years’ experience at all levels, Donna brings her talent, teaching skill, and vibrant personality to your school and community.

The residency interconnects music, multi-media, and experiential activities to provide a unified focus and holistic understanding of music and its place in the world. Students participate in a variety of activities such as singing, hands-on creating, composing, dancing, performing, and active listening. Integrated curriculum is integrated from complementary disciplines to meet national standards.

All residencies are designed to be lasting learning experiences through the use of comprehensive guides, discography, bibliography, web links, educational vocabulary lists, learning activities, and assessments.

Funding: As a rostered artist with the Nebraska Arts Council, South Dakota Arts Council, and Mid-America Arts Alliance, financial support is available. And, extra perks for block booking!

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Here's what people are saying:
  • All 3 school systems in Butler County, NE were so pleased with the excellence of Donna's work during her residencies (3 weeks total) that she was invited back to do a special performance at the Butler County Arts Council Musical Celebration.
    ---Anna Nolan (Covault), Volunteer Administrator of BCAC
  • The Oregon Trail is really fascinating and learning what songs they sang as kids was pretty cool. The Oregon Trail is a big part of music in Nebraska.
    ---Student participant, Scottsbluff, NE
  • I am more of an old-fashion kind of guy and Music on the Trail was just my style!
    ---Student participant, Scottsbluff, NE
  • Donna did such a great job for us at Maxey. Her presentation was artful, educational, multicultural, and fascinating for both children and adults! Her great sense of fun provided inviting activities that included hats, aprons, bandannas, a Courtin' Froggie, some worn out shoes, and a "bumpity bumpity" ride on the Oregon Trail. I highly recommend Donna to your community!
    ---Sylvia Bailey, Music Specialist, Lincoln Public Schools


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